Nearly every site and app will use formBuilder in a different way and to accommodate formBuilder comes with a fair number of options. Below you'll find the default options for the plugin. These options can be extended or disabled as needed and in this we'll cover how to do that.

var defaults = {
  controlPosition: 'right',
  controlOrder: [
  dataType: 'json', // 'json' or 'xml'
  disableFields: [],
  disabledAttrs: [], // globally disabled field attributes
  editOnAdd: false,
  formData: '',
  append: false,
  prepend: false,
  defaultFields: [],
  fieldRemoveWarn: false,
  roles: {
    1: 'Administrator'
  i18n: {
    locale: 'en-US',
    location: 'url/to/language/directory',
    preloaded: {...},
    extension: '.lang'
  notify: {
    error: function(message) {
      return console.error(message);
    success: function(message) {
      return console.log(message);
    warning: function(message) {
      return console.warn(message);
  showActionButtons: false,
  sortableControls: false,
  stickyControls: false,
  template: {},
  typeUserDisabledAttrs: {}, // field specific disabled attributes
  typeUserAttrs: {}, // user defined attributes
  typeUserEvents: {}, // onChange and onAdd events for specific fields
  fields: [],
  prefix: 'form-builder-'